An infinite atonement

Yea, I know that ye know
that in the body
he shall show himself,
for it behooveth the great Creator
that he suffereth himself
to become subject unto man
in the flesh,
and die for all men,
that all men might
become subject unto him.

For as death hath passed upon all men,
to fulfil the merciful plan
of the great Creator,
there must needs be
a power of resurrection.

Wherefore, it must needs be
an infinite atonement.

And because of the way
of deliverance of our God,
the Holy One of Israel,
this death which is the temporal,
shall deliver up its dead;
which death is the grave.

And this death of which I have spoken,
which is the spiritual death,
shall deliver up its dead;
which spiritual death is hell.

Wherefore, death and hell
must deliver up their dead,
and hell must deliver up
its captive spirits,
and the grave must deliver up
its captive bodies,
and the bodies and the spirits of men
will be restored one to the other;
and it is by the power
of the resurrection
of the Holy One of Israel.

All shall know

And all flesh shall know
that I the Lord am
thy Savior
and thy Redeemer,
the Mighty One of Jacob.

Power and great glory

And behold,
according to the words of the prophet,
the Messiah will set himself again
the second time
to recover them;
he will manifest himself unto them
in power and great glory,
unto the destruction of their enemies,
when that day cometh
when they shall believe in him;
and none will he destroy
that believe in him.

And they that believe not in him
shall be destroyed.

And they shall know
that the Lord is God,
the Holy One of Israel.

Merciful Redeemer

The Lord will be merciful
unto them,
that when they shall come
to the knowledge
of their Redeemer,
they shall be gathered
together again.

Free to choose

And the Messiah cometh
in the fulness of time,
that he may redeem
the children of men
from the fall.

And because that they are
redeemed from the fall
they have become free forever.

And they are free to choose
liberty and eternal life,
through the great
Mediator of all men,
or to choose captivity and death,
according to the captivity and power
of the devil.

And now I would that
ye should look
to the great Mediator,
and hearken unto
his great commandments;
and be faithful
unto his words,
and choose eternal life,
according to the will of his Holy Spirit

How great the importance

I know that thou art redeemed,
because of
the righteousness of thy Redeemer;
for thou hast beheld
that in the fulness of time
he cometh
to bring salvation unto men.

And thou hast beheld
in thy youth
his glory;
wherefore, thou art blessed
even as they
unto whom he shall minister
in the flesh;
for the Spirit is the same,
yesterday, today, and forever.

And the way is prepared
from the fall of man,
and salvation is free.

Wherefore, redemption cometh
in and through
the Holy Messiah;
for he is full of grace and truth.

Behold, he offereth himself
a sacrifice for sin,
to answer the ends of the law,
unto all those
who have a broken heart and
a contrite spirit.

Wherefore, how great the importance
to make these things known
unto the inhabitants of the earth,
that they may know that
there is no flesh
that can dwell in the presence of God,
save it be through
the merits, and mercy, and grace of
the Holy Messiah,
who layeth down his life
according to the flesh,
and taketh it again
by the power of the Spirit,
that he may bring to pass
the resurrection of the dead,
being the first that should rise.

he is the firstfruits unto God,
inasmuch as
he shall make intercession
for all the children of men;
and they that believe in him
shall be saved.

And because of
the intercession for all,
all men come unto God;
wherefore, they stand
in the presence of him,
to be judged of him
according to
the truth and holiness
which is in him.

Reject not the Holy One

Behold, I say,
if the day shall come
that they will reject
the Holy One of Israel,
the true Messiah,
their Redeemer
and their God,
the judgments of
him that is just
shall rest upon them.

The Holy One of Israel reigns

They shall be brought out of obscurity
and out of darkness;
and they shall know that
the Lord is their Savior
and their Redeemer,
the Mighty One of Israel.

And the Lord will surely
prepare a way for his people,
unto the fulfilling of the words of Moses,
which he spake, saying:
A prophet
shall the Lord your God raise up unto you,
like unto me;
him shall ye hear in all things
whatsoever he shall say unto you.

And it shall come to pass
that all those who will not hear that prophet
shall be cut off from among the people.

And now I declare unto you,
that this prophet
of whom Moses spake
was the Holy One of Israel;
wherefore, he shall execute judgment
in righteousness.

And the time cometh speedily that
the righteous must be led up
as calves of the stall,
and the Holy One of Israel must reign
in dominion, and might, and power, and great glory.

And he gathereth his children
from the four quarters of the earth;
and he numbereth his sheep,
and they know him;
and there shall be one fold
and one shepherd;
and he shall feed his sheep,
and in him they shall find pasture
for they dwell in righteousness,
and the Holy One of Israel reigneth.

His loving kindness

And behold he cometh,
according to the words of the angel.

And the world,
because of their iniquity,
shall judge him to be a thing of naught.

Wherefore they scourge him,
and he suffereth it;
and they smite him,
and he suffereth it;
yea, they spit upon him,
and he suffereth it,
because of his loving kindness
and his long-suffering
towards the children of men.

And the God of our fathers
yieldeth himself,
according to the words of the angel,
as a man,
into the hands of wicked men,
to be lifted up,
and to be crucified,
and to be buried in a sepulchre.

Yea, and all the earth shall see
the salvation of the Lord,
and every nation, kindred, tongue and people
shall be blessed.

The power of the Lamb

And it came to pass
that I beheld
the power of the Lamb of God,
that it descended upon
the saints of the church of the Lamb,
and upon the covenant people of the Lord,
who were scattered
upon all the face of the earth;
and they were armed
with righteousness
and with the power of God
in great glory.


And it shall come to pass,
that if the Gentiles shall hearken
unto the Lamb of God
in that day
that he shall manifest himself
unto them in word,
and also in power,
in very deed,
unto the taking away
of their stumbling blocks—
and harden not their hearts
against the Lamb of God,
they shall be
a blessed people.

They shall be
no more brought down
into captivity.

Make known

Make known
to all kindreds, tongues, and people,
that the Lamb of God
is the Son of the Eternal Father,
and the Savior of the world;
and that all men
must come unto him,
or they cannot be saved.

And the time cometh
that he shall manifest himself
unto all nations.

Righteous forever

And I saw the heavens open,
and the Lamb of God
descending out of heaven;
and he came down
and showed himself unto them.

And, behold,
they are righteous forever;
for because of their faith
in the Lamb of God
their garments are made white
in his blood.

The Lamb of God

And I looked, and I beheld the Son of God
going forth among the children of men;
and I saw many fall down at his feet
and worship him.

And the angel said unto me again:
Look and behold
the condescension of God!

And I looked and beheld
the Redeemer of the world,
of whom my father had spoken;
and I also beheld the prophet
who should prepare the way before him.

And the Lamb of God went forth
and was baptized of him;
and after he was baptized,
I beheld the heavens open,
and the Holy Ghost come down
out of heaven
and abide upon him
in the form of a dove.

And I beheld that he went forth
ministering unto the people,
in power and great glory;
and the multitudes
were gathered together
to hear him;
and I beheld that
they cast him out from among them.

And I beheld the Lamb of God
going forth among the children of men.

And I beheld multitudes of people
who were sick,
and who were afflicted
with all manner of diseases,
and with devils and unclean spirits;
and the angel spake
and showed all these things unto me.

And they were healed
by the power of the Lamb of God;
and the devils and the unclean spirits
were cast out.

And I looked and beheld
the Lamb of God,
that he was taken by the people;
yea, the Son of the everlasting God
was judged of the world;
and I saw and bear record.

And I saw that he was lifted up
upon the cross and slain
for the sins of the world.