Peace unto you

And it came to pass
that there came
a voice unto them,
yea, a pleasant voice,
as if it were a whisper,
saying: Peace,
peace be unto you,
because of your faith
in my Well Beloved,
who was from
the foundation of the world.

Christ removes darkness

You must repent
even until
ye shall have
faith in Christ,
who was taught unto you.

And when ye shall do this,
the cloud of darkness
shall be removed
from overshadowing you.

A sure foundation

Remember, remember
that it is upon
the rock of our Redeemer,
who is Christ, the Son of God,
that ye must build
your foundation;
that when the devil
shall send forth
his mighty winds, yea,
his shafts in the whirlwind,
yea, when all his hail
and his mighty storm
shall beat upon you,
it shall have
no power over you
to drag you down
to the gulf of misery
and endless wo,
because of the rock
upon which ye are built,
which is a sure foundation,
a foundation whereon
if men build
they cannot fall.

No other way

O remember, remember
that there is no other way
nor means whereby
man can be saved,
only through
the atoning blood
of Jesus Christ.

Yea, remember
that he cometh
to redeem the world.

And he hath power
given unto him
from the Father
to redeem them
from their sins
because of repentance
which bringeth unto
the power of the Redeemer,
unto the salvation of their souls.

Joy in Christ

They did fast and pray oft,
and did wax stronger and
stronger in their humility,
and firmer and firmer
in the faith of Christ,
unto the filling their souls
with joy and consolation,
yea, even to the purifying
and the sanctification
of their hearts,
which sanctification
cometh because of
their yielding their
hearts unto God.

The gate of heaven

Yea, thus we see
that the gate of heaven
is open unto all,
even to those who
will believe on
the name of Jesus Christ,
who is the Son of God.

Rejoicing in Christ

And it came to pass
that there were many
who died, firmly believing
that their souls
were redeemed by
the Lord Jesus Christ;
thus they went out
of the world rejoicing.

And those who died
in the faith of Christ
are happy in him, as
we must needs suppose.

Be not ashamed

If they should transgress
the commandments of God,
or fall into transgression,
and be ashamed to
take upon them
the name of Christ,
the Lord should rend them.

Take the name of Christ

Surely God shall not suffer
that we, who are despised
because we take upon us
the name of Christ,
shall be trodden down
and destroyed.


And he prayed
mightily unto his God
for the blessings of liberty
to rest upon his brethren,
so long as there should
a band of Christians
remain to possess the land—
For thus were all the
true believers of Christ,
who belonged to
the church of God
called by those who
did not belong to the church.

And those who did
belong to the church
were faithful; yea,
all those who were
true believers in Christ
took upon them, gladly,
the name of Christ,
or Christians
as they were called,
because of their
belief in Christ
who should come.

Believest thou?

Believest thou
in Jesus Christ,
who shall come?

Yea, I believe
all the words
which thou
hast spoken.

Blessed art thou;
and the Lord shall
prosper thee
in this land.

Restored through Christ

Behold, it is
requisite and just,
according to the power
and resurrection of Christ,
that the soul of man
should be restored to its body,
and that every part of the body
should be restored to itself.

A first resurrection

And behold, again
it hath been spoken,
that there is
a first resurrection,
a resurrection of all those
who have been,
or who are,
or who shall be,
down to the resurrection
of Christ from the dead,
the reuniting of the soul
with the body,
of those from
the days of Adam down
to the resurrection of Christ.

In other words,
their resurrection
cometh to pass
before the resurrection
of those who die after
the resurrection of Christ.

The souls and the bodies
are reunited, of the righteous,
at the resurrection of Christ,
and his ascension into heaven.


This mortal does not
put on immortality,
this corruption does not
put on incorruption
until after the coming of Christ.

Behold, he bringeth to pass
the resurrection of the dead.

He cometh

I would say
somewhat unto you
concerning the
coming of Christ.

Behold, I say unto you,
that it is he
that surely shall come
to take away
the sins of the world;
yea, he cometh
to declare glad
tidings of salvation
unto his people.

No other way

I was three days
and three nights
in the most bitter pain
and anguish of soul;
and never,
until I did cry out unto
the Lord Jesus Christ
for mercy,
did I receive
a remission
of my sins.

But behold,
I did cry unto him
and I did find
peace to my soul.

And now,
I have told you this
that ye may
learn wisdom,
that ye may
learn of me
that there is
no other way
or means whereby
man can be saved,
only in and through Christ.

he is the life
and the light
of the world.

he is the word of truth
and righteousness.

The words of Christ

Surely shall
the words of Christ,
if we follow their course,
carry us beyond
this vale of sorrow
into a far better
land of promise.

Give heed

It is easy
to give heed
to the word
of Christ,
which will
point you to
a straight
course to
eternal bliss

Faith on Christ

Preach unto them repentance,
and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ;
teach them to humble themselves
and to be meek and lowly in heart;
teach them to withstand
every temptation of the devil,
with their faith on
the Lord Jesus Christ.

These records

Yea, these records
and their words
brought them
unto repentance;
that is, they brought them
to the knowledge
of the Lord their God,
and to rejoice in
Jesus Christ
their Redeemer.

And who knoweth
but what they will be
the means of bringing
many thousands of them
to the knowledge
of their Redeemer?

O Jesus, thou Son of God

I was racked with eternal torment,
for my soul was harrowed up
to the greatest degree
and racked with all my sins.

Yea, I did remember
all my sins and iniquities,
for which I was tormented
with the pains of hell;
yea, I saw that I had
rebelled against my God,
and that I had not kept
his holy commandments.

Yea, and in fine so great
had been my iniquities,
that the very thought
of coming into the
presence of my God
did rack my soul
with inexpressible horror.

Oh, thought I, that I could
be banished and become extinct
both soul and body,
that I might not be brought
to stand in the presence of my God,
to be judged of my deeds.

And now, for three days and
for three nights was I racked,
even with the pains
of a damned soul.

And it came to pass
that as I was thus
racked with torment,
while I was harrowed up
by the memory of my many sins,
behold, I remembered also
to have heard my father
prophesy unto the people
concerning the coming of
one Jesus Christ, a Son of God,
to atone for the sins of the world.

Now, as my mind caught hold
upon this thought,
I cried within my heart:
O Jesus, thou Son of God,
have mercy on me,
who am in the gall of bitterness,
and am encircled about
by the everlasting chains of death.

And now, behold,
when I thought this,
I could remember
my pains no more;
yea, I was harrowed up
by the memory of
my sins no more.

And oh, what joy, and
what marvelous light
I did behold;
yea, my soul was filled
with joy as exceeding
as was my pain!

Yea, I say unto you that
there could be nothing
so exquisite and so bitter
as were my pains.

Yea, and again I say unto you
that on the other hand,
there can be nothing
so exquisite and sweet
as was my joy.

And I stood upon my feet,
and did manifest
unto the people
that I had been
born of God.

Remember and receive Christ

And now I desire
that ye should
remember these things,
and that ye should
work out your salvation
with fear before God,
and that ye should
no more deny
the coming of Christ
but that ye receive it,
and take upon you
the name of Christ.

The word is in Christ

And we have beheld
that the great question
which is in your minds
is whether the word be
in the Son of God,
or whether there
shall be no Christ.

And ye also beheld
that my brother
has proved unto you,
in many instances,
that the word is
in Christ unto salvation.

And now, behold,
I will testify unto you
of myself
that these things are true.

Behold, I say unto you,
that I do know that
Christ shall come
among the children of men,
to take upon him
the transgressions
of his people,
and that he shall
atone for the sins
of the world;
for the Lord God
hath spoken it.

For it is expedient
that an atonement
should be made;
for according to
the great plan
of the Eternal God
there must be
an atonement made,
or else all mankind
must unavoidably perish;
yea, all are hardened;
yea, all are fallen and are lost,
and must perish
except it be through
the atonement
which it is expedient
should be made.

there can be nothing
which is short of
an infinite atonement
which will suffice
for the sins of the world.

it is expedient
that there should be
a great and last sacrifice,
and that great and
last sacrifice will be
the Son of God, yea,
infinite and eternal.

And thus he shall
bring salvation
to all those
who shall believe
on his name;
this being the intent
of this last sacrifice,
to bring about
the bowels of mercy,
which overpowereth justice,
and bringeth about
means unto men
that they may have
faith unto repentance.

The coming of Christ

I think that it is impossible
that ye should be ignorant
of the things which have
been spoken concerning
the coming of Christ,
who is taught by us
to be the Son of God;
yea, I know that these things
were taught unto you bountifully.

Plant this word

And now I desire
that ye shall
plant this word
in your hearts,
and as it
beginneth to swell
even so nourish it
by your faith.

And behold,
it will become a tree,
springing up in you
unto everlasting life.

And then may
God grant unto you
that your burdens
may be light, through
the joy of his Son.

Our Redeemer and Judge

Begin to believe
in the Son of God,
that he will come
to redeem his people,
and that he shall
suffer and die
to atone for their sins;
and that he shall
rise again from the dead,
which shall bring to pass
the resurrection,
that all men
shall stand before him,
to be judged at the last
and judgment day,
according to their works.

Because of the Son

Thou art angry,
O Lord,
with this people,
because they will
not understand
thy mercies
which thou
hast bestowed
upon them
because of thy Son.

Have ye read the scriptures?

Now behold
I would ask
if ye have read
the scriptures?

If ye have,
how can ye
disbelieve on
the Son of God?