Praise and thanksgiving unto Christ

The mourning,
and the weeping,
and the wailing
of the people
did cease;
and their mourning
was turned into joy,
and their lamentations
into the praise and
thanksgiving unto
the Lord Jesus Christ,
their Redeemer.

And thus far were
the scriptures fulfilled
which had been
spoken by the prophets.

Behold Jesus Christ

O all ye
will ye not
now return
unto me,
and repent
of your sins, and
be converted,
that I may
heal you?

Yea, verily
I say unto you,
if ye will
come unto me
ye shall have
eternal life.

mine arm
of mercy
is extended
towards you,
and whosoever
will come,
him will I receive;
and blessed
are those who
come unto me.

I am Jesus Christ
the Son of God.

I created
the heavens
and the earth,
and all things
that in them are.

I was with the Father
from the beginning.

I am in the Father,
and the Father in me;
and in me
hath the Father
glorified his name.

I came
unto my own,
and my own
received me not.

And the scriptures
concerning my coming
are fulfilled.

And as many as
have received me,
to them have I given
to become
the sons of God;
and even so will I
to as many as shall
believe on my name,
for behold, by me
redemption cometh.

I am the light
and the life
of the world.

I am Alpha
and Omega,
the beginning
and the end.

And ye shall offer
for a sacrifice
unto me
a broken heart
and a contrite spirit.

And whoso
cometh unto me
with a broken heart
and a contrite spirit,
him will I baptize
with fire and
with the Holy Ghost.

I have come
unto the world
to bring
unto the world,
to save the world
from sin.

whoso repenteth
and cometh
unto me
as a little child,
him will I receive,
for of such
is the kingdom of God.

for such
I have
laid down
my life,
and have
taken it up again;
therefore repent,
and come unto me
ye ends of the earth,
and be saved.

In the name of Jesus

We know
our record
to be true,
for behold,
it was a just man
who did keep
the record—
for he truly did
many miracles
in the name of Jesus;
and there was
not any man
who could
do a miracle
in the name of Jesus
save he were
cleansed every whit
from his iniquity.

Power in Christ

And there were
but few who were
unto the Lord;
but as many as
were converted
did truly signify
unto the people
that they had been
visited by the power
and Spirit of God,
which was in Jesus Christ,
in whom they believed.

In the name of Jesus

So great was his faith
on the Lord Jesus Christ
that angels did minister
unto him daily.

And in the name of Jesus
did he cast out
devils and unclean spirits;
and even his brother
did he raise from the dead
and he did also do
many more miracles,
in the sight of the people,
in the name of Jesus.

A witness of Christ

And it came to pass that Nephi—
having been visited by angels
and also the voice of the Lord,
therefore having seen angels,
and being eye-witness,
and having had
power given unto him
that he might know
concerning the ministry of Christ
went forth among them
in that same year, and
began to testify, boldly,
repentance and
remission of sins
through faith on
the Lord Jesus Christ.

Testifying boldly of Christ

And there began to be men
inspired from heaven and sent forth,
standing among the people in all the land,
preaching and testifying boldly unto them
concerning the redemption
which the Lord would make for his people,
or in other words, the resurrection of Christ;
and they did testify boldly
of his death and sufferings.

They shall know their Redeemer

As surely as
the Lord liveth,
will he gather in
from the four
quarters of the earth
all the remnant
of the seed of Jacob.

And then shall they
know their Redeemer,
who is Jesus Christ,
the Son of God.

Knowledge unto salvation

I have
reason to bless
my God and
my Savior Jesus Christ
that he hath given
me and my people
so much knowledge
unto the salvation
of our souls.

Declare His word

I am a disciple
of Jesus Christ,
the Son of God.

I have been
called of him
to declare his word
among his people,
that they might have
everlasting life.

According to the prophets

Now behold,
there was not
a living soul
among all the people
who did doubt
in the least
the words of
all the holy prophets
who had spoken;
for they knew that
it must needs be
that they must
be fulfilled.

And they knew
that it must be
expedient that
Christ had come,
because of
the many signs
which had been
given, according to
the words of
the prophets.

they did forsake
all their sins, and
their abominations,
and their whoredoms,
and did serve God
with all diligence
day and night.

Reckoning from Christ

And nine years
had passed away
from the time when
the sign was given,
which was spoken of
by the prophets,
that Christ should
come into the world.

Now the Nephites
began to reckon
their time from
this period when
the sign was given, or
from the coming of Christ.

They knew He came

Behold, at the
going down
of the sun
there was
no darkness;
and the people began
to be astonished
because there was
no darkness
when the night came.

And they began to know
that the Son of God
must shortly appear;
yea, in fine, all the people
were so exceedingly astonished
that they fell to the earth.

For they knew that
the prophets had
testified of these things
for many years,
and that the sign
which had been given
was already at hand.

And it came to pass
that there was
no darkness
in all that night
and they knew that
it was the day that
the Lord should be born,
because of the sign
which had been given.

And it had come to pass,
yea, all things, every whit,
according to the words
of the prophets.

And it came to pass also
that a new star did appear,
according to the word.

Behold, I come

And behold,
the voice of the Lord
came, saying:
Lift up your head
and be of good cheer;
for behold,
the time is at hand,
and on this night
shall the sign be given,
and on the morrow
come I into the world,
to show unto the world
that I will fulfil
all that which I have
caused to be spoken
by the mouth of
my holy prophets.

I come unto my own,
to fulfil all things
which I have
made known unto
the children of men
from the foundation
of the world,
and to do the will,
both of the Father
and of the Son—
of the Father
because of me,
and of the Son
because of my flesh.

And behold,
the time is at hand,
and this night
shall the sign be given.

That they might know

Nephi was baptizing,
and prophesying,
and preaching,
crying repentance
unto the people,
showing signs
and wonders,
working miracles
among the people,
that they might
know that
the Christ
must shortly come.

Among His sheep

They shall again
be brought to
the true knowledge
of their Redeemer,
and their great and
true shepherd,
and be numbered
among his sheep.

Ye can see

Ye can see
that they fear to sin
and this because of
their faith in Christ.

He bringeth us back

And if ye believe
on his name
ye will repent
of all your sins,
that thereby
ye may have
a remission of them
through his merits.

For behold,
he surely must die
that salvation
may come; yea,
it behooveth him and
becometh expedient
that he dieth,
to bring to pass
the resurrection
of the dead,
that thereby
men may be
brought into
the presence
of the Lord.

Yea, behold,
this death
bringeth to pass
the resurrection,
and redeemeth
all mankind
from the first death—
that spiritual death;
for all mankind,
by the fall of Adam
being cut off from
the presence
of the Lord,
are considered
as dead,
both as to things
temporal and to
things spiritual.

But behold,
the resurrection of Christ
redeemeth mankind,
yea, even all mankind,
and bringeth them back
into the presence of the Lord.

Yea, and it
bringeth to pass
the condition
of repentance, that
whosoever repenteth
the same is not
hewn down and
cast into the fire.

That ye might know of Christ

For this intent
have I come
that ye might know
of the coming
of Jesus Christ,
the Son of God,
the Father
of heaven
and of earth,
the Creator
of all things
from the beginning;
and that ye might
know of the signs
of his coming,
to the intent that
ye might believe
on his name.

Believe on the Son

shall believe on
the Son of God,
the same shall have
everlasting life.

The Son cometh

then cometh
the Son of God
to redeem all
those who shall
believe on his name.

Nothing but Christ

Nothing can
save this people
save it be
repentance and
faith on the Lord
Jesus Christ,
who surely shall
come into the world,
and shall suffer
many things
and shall be slain
for his people.

And behold,
an angel
of the Lord
hath declared
it unto me,
and he did bring
glad tidings
to my soul.

And behold,
I was sent
unto you
to declare it
unto you also,
that ye might
have glad tidings.

They have testified of Christ

Moses had such great
power given unto him,
yea, the words which
he hath spoken
concerning the coming
of the Messiah.

Yea, did he not
bear record that
the Son of God
should come?

And as he lifted up
the brazen serpent
in the wilderness,
even so shall he
be lifted up
who should come.

And as many as
should look upon
that serpent
should live,
even so as many
as should look upon
the Son of God with faith,
having a contrite spirit,
might live, even unto
that life which is eternal.

And now behold,
Moses did not only
testify of these things,
but also all the holy prophets
and also almost all of our fathers,
even down to this time;
yea, they have testified
of the coming of Christ,
and have looked forward,
and have rejoiced in
his day which is to come.

And behold, he is God,
and he is with them,
and he did manifest
himself unto them,
that they were
redeemed by him;
and they gave
unto him glory.