Bear witness of Christ

And blessed art thou
because thou believest in
the Son of the most high God.

And him shall ye witness;
and after ye have witnessed him
ye shall bear record that
it is the Son of God.

The true Messiah -- Savior & Redeemer

My father spake unto them
concerning a prophet
would the Lord God
raise up among the Jews—
even a Messiah,
or, in other words,
a Savior of the world.

And he also spake
concerning the prophets,
how great a number
had testified of these things,
concerning this Messiah,
of whom he had spoken,
or this Redeemer of the world.

Wherefore, all mankind
were in a lost and
in a fallen state,
and ever would be
save they should
rely on this Redeemer.

And he spake also
concerning a prophet
who should come
before the Messiah,
to prepare the way of the Lord—
Yea, even he should go forth
and cry in the wilderness:
Prepare ye the way of the Lord,
and make his paths straight;
for there standeth one among you
whom ye know not;
and he is mightier than I,
whose shoe’s latchet
I am not worthy to unloose.

And my father said
he should baptize
in Bethabara, beyond Jordan;
and he also said
he should baptize with water;
even that he should
baptize the Messiah with water.

And after he had baptized
the Messiah with water,
he should behold
and bear record
that he had baptized
the Lamb of God,
who should take away
the sins of the world.

And it came to pass
after my father had
spoken these words
he spake unto my brethren
concerning the gospel
which should be preached.

And after they had
slain the Messiah,
who should come,
and after he had been slain
he should rise from the dead,
and should make himself
manifest unto the Gentiles.

And after the house of Israel
should be scattered
they should be
gathered together again;
or, in fine come to
the knowledge of the true Messiah,
their Lord and their Redeemer.

Christ is The One

And it came to pass
that he saw One
descending out of
the midst of heaven,
and he beheld
that his luster
was above
that of the sun
at noon-day.

Christ, Our Righteous Judge

And now
I bid unto all,

I soon go to rest
in the paradise of God,
until my spirit and body
shall again reunite,
and I am brought forth
triumphant through the air,
to meet you before
the pleasing bar of
the great Jehovah,
the Eternal Judge
of both quick and dead.


Come unto Christ

And again I would exhort you
that ye would come unto Christ,
and lay hold upon every good gift.

Yea, come unto Christ,
and be perfected in him,
and deny yourselves
of all ungodliness;
and if ye shall deny yourselves
of all ungodliness, and
love God with all your might,
mind and strength,
then is his grace sufficient for you,
that by his grace
ye may be perfect in Christ;
and if by the grace of God
ye are perfect in Christ,
ye can in nowise deny
the power of God.

And again,
if ye by the grace of God
are perfect in Christ,
and deny not his power,
then are ye sanctified in Christ
by the grace of God,
through the shedding
of the blood of Christ,
which is in the covenant
of the Father unto
the remission of your sins,
that ye become holy,
without spot.

The words of Christ

Christ truly said
unto our fathers:

If ye have faith
ye can do all things
which are expedient
unto me.

And I speak it
according to
the words of Christ;
and I lie not.

All that is good is of Christ

All gifts come by
the Spirit of Christ,
and remember
that every good gift
cometh of Christ.

Ye may know Christ

Nothing that is good
denieth the Christ,
but acknowledgeth
that he is.

And ye may know
that he is,
by the power
of the Holy Ghost.

Ask God in the name of Christ

More than
four hundred and twenty years
have passed away
since the sign was given
of the coming of Christ.

And I seal up these records,
after I have spoken
a few words by way of
exhortation unto you.

Behold, I would exhort you
that when ye shall
read these things,
if it be wisdom in God
that ye should read them,
that ye would remember
how merciful the Lord
hath been unto
the children of men,
from the creation of Adam
even down until the time
that ye shall
receive these things,
and ponder it
in your hearts.

And when ye shall
receive these things,
I would exhort you
that ye would ask God,
the Eternal Father,
in the name of Christ,
if these things are not true;
and if ye shall ask
with a sincere heart,
with real intent,
having faith in Christ,
he will manifest
the truth of it unto you,
by the power of
the Holy Ghost.

And by the power of
the Holy Ghost
ye may know
the truth of all things.

May Christ lift you up

I recommend thee
unto God, and
I trust in Christ
that thou
wilt be saved.

Be faithful in Christ;
and may Christ
lift thee up,
and may his
sufferings and death,
and the showing his body
unto our fathers,
and his mercy
and long-suffering,
and the hope of his glory
and of eternal life,
rest in your mind forever.

And may the grace
of God the Father,
whose throne is
high in the heavens,
and our Lord Jesus Christ,
who sitteth on
the right hand
of his power,
until all things
shall become
subject unto him,
be, and abide
with you forever.

The Mercies of Christ

Little children
are alive in Christ.

And he that saith that
little children need baptism
denieth the mercies of Christ,
and setteth at naught
the atonement of him and
the power of his redemption.

For behold that
all little children
are alive in Christ.

Our Redeemer, Lord and God

Listen to
the words of Christ,
your Redeemer,
your Lord and
your God.

Goodness and grace in Christ

I rejoice exceedingly
that your Lord Jesus Christ
hath been mindful of you,
and am mindful of you
always in my prayers,
continually praying
unto God the Father
in the name of
his Holy Child, Jesus, that
he, through his infinite
goodness and grace,
will keep you through
the endurance of faith
on his name to the end.

Hope in Christ

What is it that
ye shall hope for?

I say unto you that
ye shall have hope through
the atonement of Christ and
the power of his resurrection,
to be raised unto life eternal,
and this because of
your faith in him
according to the promise.

True followers of Christ

I judge that ye
have faith in Christ
because of your meekness.

And if a man be meek
and lowly in heart,
and confesses
by the power of
the Holy Ghost
that Jesus is the Christ,
he must needs
have charity; for
if he have not charity
he is nothing.

pray unto the Father
with all the energy of heart,
that ye may be filled
with this love, which
he hath bestowed upon
all who are true followers
of his Son, Jesus Christ;
that ye may become
the sons of God;
that when he shall appear
we shall be like him, for
we shall see him as he is;
that we may have this hope;
that we may be purified
even as he is pure.

Only through faith in Christ

Christ hath said:
If ye will have faith in me
ye shall have power
to do whatsoever thing
is expedient in me.

And he hath said: Repent
all ye ends of the earth,
and come unto me, and
be baptized in my name,
and have faith in me,
that ye may be saved.

For no man
can be saved,
according to
the words of Christ,
save they shall
have faith in his name.

That we may have faith in Christ

Angels minister
unto the children of men
by declaring
the word of Christ
unto the chosen
vessels of the Lord,
that they may
bear testimony of him.

And by so doing,
the Lord God prepareth
the way that
the residue of men
may have faith in Christ.

Miracles through Christ

And as surely as Christ liveth
he spake these words
unto our fathers, saying:

Whatsoever thing ye shall
ask the Father in my name,
which is good,
in faith believing that
ye shall receive,
it shall be done unto you.

have miracles ceased
because Christ hath
ascended into heaven,
and hath sat down
on the right hand of God,
to claim of the Father
his rights of mercy
which he hath upon
the children of men?

Every good thing through Christ

God knowing all things, being
from everlasting to everlasting,
behold, he sent angels to minister
unto the children of men,
to make manifest concerning
the coming of Christ;
and in Christ there should come
every good thing.

And God also declared
unto prophets,
by his own mouth,
that Christ should come.

And behold,
there were divers ways
that he did manifest things
unto the children of men,
which were good; and
all things which are good
cometh of Christ;
otherwise men were fallen,
and there could no good thing
come unto them.

by the ministering of angels,
and by every word
which proceeded forth
out of the mouth of God,
men began to
exercise faith in Christ;
and thus by faith, they did
lay hold upon every good thing;
and thus it was until
the coming of Christ.

And after that he came
men also were saved
by faith in his name;
and by faith,
they become the sons of God.

For he hath answered
the ends of the law,
and he claimeth all those
who have faith in him;
and they who have faith in him
will cleave unto every good thing;
wherefore he advocateth
the cause of the children of men;
and he dwelleth
eternally in the heavens.

The light of Christ

the Spirit of Christ
is given to every man,
that he may know
good from evil;
I show unto you
the way to judge;
for every thing which
inviteth to do good,
and to persuade to
believe in Christ,
is sent forth by the
power and gift of Christ;
wherefore ye may know
with a perfect knowledge
it is of God.

But whatsoever thing
persuadeth men to do evil,
and believe not in Christ,
and deny him,
and serve not God,
then ye may know
with a perfect knowledge
it is of the devil.

And now, my brethren,
seeing that ye know the light
by which ye may judge,
which light is the light of Christ
wherefore, I beseech of you,
that ye should search diligently
in the light of Christ
that ye may know good from evil;
and if ye will lay hold upon
every good thing,
and condemn it not,
ye certainly will be
a child of Christ.

Follow Christ

a man being a
servant of the devil
cannot follow Christ;
and if he follow Christ
he cannot be
a servant of the devil.

In the grace of Christ

And it is by the grace
of God the Father, and
our Lord Jesus Christ,
and his holy will,
because of the gift of
his calling unto me,
that I am permitted
to speak unto you
at this time.

I would speak unto you
that are of the church,
that are the peaceable
followers of Christ,
and that have obtained
a sufficient hope
by which ye can enter
into the rest of the Lord,
from this time henceforth
until ye shall rest
with him in heaven.

The church of Christ

And none were received
unto baptism save they
took upon them
the name of Christ,
having a determination
to serve him to the end.

And after they had been
received unto baptism,
and were wrought upon
and cleansed by
the power of the Holy Ghost,
they were numbered
among the people of
the church of Christ;
and their names were taken,
that they might be
remembered and nourished
by the good word of God,
to keep them in the right way,
to keep them continually
watchful unto prayer,
relying alone upon
the merits of Christ,
who was the author
and the finisher of their faith.

And the church did
meet together oft,
to fast and to pray,
and to speak one with another
concerning the welfare of their souls.

And they did meet together oft
to partake of bread and wine,
in remembrance of the Lord Jesus.

In remembrance of Jesus

The manner of administering the wine—
Behold, they took the cup, and said:

O God, the Eternal Father,
we ask thee, in the name of
thy Son, Jesus Christ,
to bless and sanctify this wine
to the souls of all those who drink of it,
that they may do it in remembrance
of the blood of thy Son,
which was shed for them;
that they may witness unto thee,
O God, the Eternal Father,
that they do always remember him,
that they may have
his Spirit to be with them.

Always remember Jesus

The manner of their elders and priests
administering the flesh and blood of Christ
unto the church; and
they administered it according to
the commandments of Christ;
wherefore we know the manner to be true;
and the elder or priest did minister it—
And they did kneel down with the church,
and pray to the Father in the name of Christ,

O God, the Eternal Father,
we ask thee in the name of
thy Son, Jesus Christ,
to bless and sanctify this bread
to the souls of all those
who partake of it;
that they may eat
in remembrance of
the body of thy Son,
and witness unto thee,
O God, the Eternal Father,
that they are willing
to take upon them
the name of thy Son,
and always remember him,
and keep his commandments
which he hath given them,
that they may always
have his Spirit to be with them.

In the name of Jesus Christ

The manner which the disciples,
who were called
the elders of the church,
ordained priests and teachers—

After they had prayed
unto the Father
in the name of Christ,
they laid their hands
upon them, and said:

In the name of Jesus Christ
I ordain you to be a priest,
(or, if he be a teacher)
I ordain you to be a teacher,
to preach repentance
and remission of sins
through Jesus Christ,
by the endurance of
faith on his name to the end.


Authorized by Christ

The words of Christ,
which he spake
unto his disciples,
the twelve whom
he had chosen,
as he laid his
hands upon them—

And he called them
by name, saying:
Ye shall call on the Father
in my name,
in mighty prayer;
and after ye have done this
ye shall have power that
to him upon whom
ye shall lay your hands,
ye shall give the Holy Ghost;
and in my name
shall ye give it, for
thus do mine apostles.

Now Christ spake
these words unto them
at the time of his first appearing;
and the multitude heard it not,
but the disciples heard it;
and on as many as
they laid their hands,
fell the Holy Ghost.

I will not deny Christ

Because of their hatred
they put to death everyone
that will not deny the Christ.

And I will not deny the Christ;
wherefore, I wander
whithersoever I can
for the safety of mine own life.