Children of Christ

They were in one,
the children of Christ,
and heirs to
the kingdom of God.

And how blessed were they!

For the Lord did
bless them
in all their doings; yea
they had become
exceedingly rich,
because of their
prosperity in Christ.

Only in the name of Jesus

And there were great
and marvelous works
wrought by
the disciples of Jesus,
insomuch that they
did heal the sick,
and raise the dead,
and cause the lame to walk,
and the blind to receive their sight,
and the deaf to hear;
and all manner of miracles
did they work
among the children of men;
and in nothing
did they work miracles
save it were
in the name of Jesus.

And thus there were
mighty miracles
wrought among
the disciples of Jesus.

The church of Christ

The disciples of Jesus
had formed
a church of Christ
in all the lands
round about.

And as many as
did come unto them,
and did truly
repent of their sins,
were baptized
in the name of Jesus;
and they did also
receive the Holy Ghost.

Turn unto Christ

Hearken, O ye Gentiles,
and hear the words
of Jesus Christ,
the Son of the living God,
which he hath
commanded me
that I should speak
concerning you,
for, behold
he commandeth me
that I should write, saying:

Turn, all ye Gentiles,
from your wicked ways;
and repent of
your evil doings,
of your lyings
and deceivings,
and of your whoredoms,
and of your secret abominations,
and your idolatries,
and of your murders,
and your priestcrafts,
and your envyings,
and your strifes,
and from
all your wickedness
and abominations,
and come unto me,
and be baptized
in my name,
that ye may receive
a remission of your sins,
and be filled
with the Holy Ghost,
that ye may be
numbered with my people
who are of the house of Israel.

Christ still works today

Wo unto him
that spurneth at
the doings of the Lord;
yea, wo unto him
that shall
deny the Christ
and his works!

Yea, wo unto him
that shall deny
the revelations
of the Lord,
and that shall say
the Lord no longer
worketh by revelation,
or by prophecy,
or by gifts, or by tongues,
or by healings, or by
the power of the Holy Ghost!

Yea, and wo unto him
that shall say
at that day, to get gain,
that there can be no miracle
wrought by Jesus Christ;
for he that doeth this
shall become like unto
the son of perdition,
for whom there was no mercy,
according to the word of Christ!

Receive all the words of Jesus

And if ye had
all the scriptures
which give an account
of all the marvelous
works of Christ,
ye would,
according to
the words of Christ,
know that
these things
must surely come.

And wo be unto him
that will not hearken
unto the words of Jesus,
and also to them
whom he hath chosen
and sent among them;
for whoso receiveth not
the words of Jesus and
the words of those
whom he hath sent
receiveth not him;
and therefore
he will not receive them
at the last day; and it
would be better for them
if they had not been born.

Standing before Christ

All people
must surely
stand before
the judgment-seat
of Christ.

According to the word of Jesus

And it came to pass that
thus they did go forth
among all the people,
and did preach
the gospel of Christ
unto all people
upon the face of the land;
and they were converted
unto the Lord, and
were united unto
the church of Christ,
and thus the people
of that generation
were blessed, according
to the word of Jesus.

Christ commands us

And no unclean thing
can enter into his kingdom;
therefore nothing
entereth into his rest
save it be those who have
washed their garments
in my blood,
because of their faith,
and the repentance
of all their sins,
and their faithfulness
unto the end.

Now this is
the commandment:
Repent, all ye
ends of the earth,
and come unto me and
be baptized in my name,
that ye may be sanctified
by the reception
of the Holy Ghost,
that ye may stand
spotless before me
at the last day.

Verily, verily,
I say unto you,
this is my gospel;
and ye know
the things that
ye must do
in my church;
for the works which
ye have seen me do
that shall ye also do;
for that which ye
have seen me do
even that shall ye do.

what manner of men
ought ye to be?

Verily I say unto you,
even as I am.

And now, behold,
my joy is great,
even unto fulness.

The gospel of Christ

Behold I have given
unto you my gospel,
and this is the gospel which
I have given unto you—
that I came into the world
to do the will of my Father,
because my Father sent me.

And my Father sent me
that I might be lifted
up upon the cross;
and after that I had been
lifted up upon the cross,
that I might draw
all men unto me,
that as I have been
lifted up by men
even so should men
be lifted up by the Father,
to stand before me,
to be judged of their works,
whether they be good
or whether they be evil—

And for this cause
have I been lifted up;
according to the power
of the Father I will
draw all men unto me,
that they may be judged
according to their works.

And it shall come to pass,
that whoso repenteth and
is baptized in my name
shall be filled; and
if he endureth to the end,
him will I hold guiltless
before my Father
at that day when
I shall stand
to judge the world.

In Christ's Name

And it came to pass that
as the disciples of Jesus
were journeying and
were preaching the things
which they had both
heard and seen, and were
baptizing in the name of Jesus,
it came to pass that the disciples
were gathered together and were
united in mighty prayer and fasting.

And Jesus again
showed himself unto them,
for they were praying
unto the Father in his name;
and Jesus came and stood
in the midst of them,
and said unto them:
What will ye that
I shall give unto you?

And they said unto him:
Lord, we will that thou
wouldst tell us the name
whereby we shall
call this church;
for there are disputations
among the people
concerning this matter.

And the Lord said unto them:
Verily, verily, I say unto you,
why is it that the people
should murmur and dispute
because of this thing?

Have they not
read the scriptures,
which say ye must
take upon you
the name of Christ,
which is my name?

For by this name
shall ye be called
at the last day;

And whoso taketh
upon him my name,
and endureth to the end,
the same shall be
saved at the last day.

whatsoever ye shall do,
ye shall do it in my name;
ye shall call the church
in my name; and ye shall
call upon the Father
in my name
that he will
bless the church
for my sake.

And how be it my church
save it be called in my name?

For if a church be called
in Moses’ name
then it be Moses’ church;
or if it be called
in the name of a man
then it be the church of a man;
but if it be called in my name
then it is my church,
if it so be that they are
built upon my gospel.

Verily I say unto you,
that ye are built upon my gospel;
therefore ye shall call
whatsoever things ye do call,
in my name; therefore
if ye call upon the Father,
for the church,
if it be in my name
the Father will hear you;

And if it so be
that the church is
built upon my gospel
then will the Father
show forth
his own works in it.

The Church of Jesus Christ

And it came to pass that
the disciples whom
Jesus had chosen
began from
that time forth
to baptize
and to teach
as many as did
come unto them;
and as many as
were baptized
in the name of Jesus
were filled with
the Holy Ghost.

And many of them
saw and heard
unspeakable things,
which are not lawful
to be written.

And they taught,
and did minister
one to another;
and they had all things
common among them,
every man dealing justly,
one with another.

And it came to pass that
they did do all things
even as Jesus
had commanded them.

And they who
were baptized
in the name of Jesus
were called
the church of Christ.

Christ truly did minister unto them

I would that ye should behold
that the Lord truly
did teach the people,
for the space of three days;
and after that he did
show himself unto them oft,
and did break bread oft,
and bless it, and give it unto them.

And it came to pass that
he did teach and minister
unto the children of the multitude
of whom hath been spoken,
and he did loose their tongues, and
they did speak unto their fathers
great and marvelous things,
even greater than he had
revealed unto the people;
and he loosed their tongues
that they could utter.

And it came to pass that
after he had ascended into heaven—
the second time that
he showed himself unto them,
and had gone unto the Father,
after having healed all their sick,
and their lame,
and opened the eyes of their blind
and unstopped the ears of the deaf,
and even had done all manner
of cures among them,
and raised a man from the dead,
and had shown forth
his power unto them,
and had ascended unto the Father—

Behold, it came to pass
on the morrow that the multitude
gathered themselves together,
and they both saw and heard
these children; yea, even babes
did open their mouths
and utter marvelous things;
and the things which they did utter
were forbidden that there should
not any man write them.

All that He did and taught

And now there cannot
be written in this book
even a hundredth part
of the things which
Jesus did truly teach
unto the people.

Holiness in Christ

And now it came to pass
that when Jesus had
told these things
he expounded them
unto the multitude;
and he did expound
all things unto them,
both great and small.

And he did expound
all things, even
from the beginning
until the time that
he should come
in his glory—
yea, even all things
which should
come upon
the face of the earth
even unto
the great and last day,
when all people,
and all kindreds,
and all nations
and tongues
shall stand
before God,
to be judged
of their works,
whether they
be good
or whether
they be evil—

If they be good,
to the resurrection
of everlasting life;
and if they be evil,
to the resurrection
of damnation;
being on a parallel,
the one on
the one hand
and the other
on the other hand,
according to
the mercy,
and the justice,
and the holiness
which is in Christ,
who was before
the world began.

All the scriptures in one

When Jesus had
said these words
he said unto them:

Behold, other scriptures
I would that
ye should write,
that ye have not.

And now it came to pass
that when Jesus had
expounded all
the scriptures in one,
which they had written,
he commanded them
that they should
teach the things which
he had expounded unto them.

Come unto Him

It shall come to pass,
saith the Father,
that at that day
will not repent
and come unto
my Beloved Son,
them will I cut off
from among my people.

Believe His words

It shall come to pass
that whosoever
will not believe
in my words,
who am Jesus Christ
shall be cut off
from among my people
who are of the covenant.

Joy in Christ

And it shall come to pass
that the time cometh,
when the fulness
of my gospel
shall be preached
unto them;
And they shall
believe in me,
that I am
Jesus Christ,
the Son of God,
and shall pray
unto the Father
in my name.

Then shall they
break forth into joy.