The words of Christ

Hearken unto these words
and believe in Christ;
and if ye believe not
in these words
believe in Christ.

And if ye shall
believe in Christ
ye will believe
in these words,
for they are
the words of Christ,
and he hath
given them
unto me;
and they teach
all men that they
should do good.

And if they are not
the words of Christ,
judge ye—
for Christ will
show unto you,
with power
and great glory,
that they are
his words,
at the last day;
and you and I
shall stand
face to face
before his bar;
and ye shall know
that I have been
commanded of him
to write these things,
my weakness.

And I pray the Father
in the name of Christ
that many of us,
if not all,
may be saved
in his kingdom
at that great
and last day.