Christ has broken the bands of death

Were it not for
the redemption
which he hath made
for his people,
which was prepared
from the foundation
of the world,
I say unto you,
were it not for this,
all mankind
must have perished.

But behold,
the bands of death
shall be broken,
and the Son reigneth,
and hath power
over the dead;
he bringeth to pass
the resurrection
of the dead.

And there cometh
a resurrection,
even a first resurrection;
yea, even a resurrection
of those that have been,
and who are,
and who shall be,
even until
the resurrection of Christ—
for so shall he be called.

And now they are raised
to dwell with God
who has redeemed them;
thus they have eternal life
through Christ,
who has broken
the bands of death.