Come Partake Of Christ's Atonement

And lo, he cometh unto his own,
that salvation might come
unto the children of men
even through faith on his name;
and even after all this
they shall consider him a man,
and say that he hath a devil,
and shall scourge him,
and shall crucify him.

And he shall rise the third day from the dead;
and behold, he standeth to judge the world;
and behold, all these things are done
that a righteous judgment might
come upon the children of men.

For behold, and also his blood atoneth
for the sins of those who have fallen
by the transgression of Adam,
who have died not knowing
the will of God concerning them,
or who have ignorantly sinned.

But wo, wo unto him who knoweth
that he rebelleth against God!

For salvation cometh to none such
except it be through repentance
and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.