It Is The Church Of Jesus Christ

Behold, this is my church;
whosoever is baptized
shall be baptized unto repentance.

And whomsoever ye receive
shall believe in my name;
and him will I freely forgive.

For it is I that taketh upon me
the sins of the world;
for it is I that hath created them;
and it is I that granteth
unto him that believeth
unto the end a place at my right hand.

For behold, in my name
are they called; and if they know me
they shall come forth,
and shall have a place
eternally at my right hand.

And it shall come to pass that
when the second trump shall sound
then shall they that never knew me
come forth and shall stand before me.

And then shall they know that
I am the Lord their God,
that I am their Redeemer;
but they would not be redeemed.

And then I will confess unto them
that I never knew them;
and they shall depart into
everlasting fire prepared for
the devil and his angels.

Therefore I say unto you,
that he that will not hear my voice,
the same shall ye not
receive into my church,
for him I will not receive at the last day.